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Worksheets on Sea Creatures and Fish, Ages 3-4
Trace the Numbers
Number 1 - Whale Number 2 - Lobster Number 3 - Octopus Number 4 - Sea turtle Number 5 - Cuttlefish
Number 6 - Dolphin Number 7 - Starfish Number 8 - Crab Number 9 - Sea horse  
Whale – Letters bulk Octopus –
Letters and Stickers
Crab – Letters and Stickers  
                 Dolphin – Letters bulk                          Count the Letters in the bulk                      Sea World – Bulk of letters
Diver and Coral – Maze with numbers as leading signs Jellyfish and Algae –
Maze with numbers as leading signs
Count how many
from each fish
Fish – Colored stickers by numbers Connect the Dots + Coloring Page  
Shades and Shapes
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Shades of Sea creatures -
whale, crab, shark, sea horse, dolphin
Shades of Sea creatures -
octopus, starfish, seal, lobster, sea turtle
Shades of Fish    
Fish and aquarium Crab and fish bone Sea Turtle and beach Sea Turtles and waves – Maze with signs Shells Maze
Fine Motor Skills
Seal to the beach Starfish to the shell Crabs and Waves    
Visual Perception
Shells – Series of Colors Which is the biggest fish
  and the smallest fish?
Find the opposite direction Confused Octopus – Coloring Page

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