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Worksheets on Fruits, Ages 3-4
Orange - Letters bulk Peach - Letters bulk Grapes - Letters bulk Lemon - Letters bulk Happy Pear -
 Letters to stickers
Fruit - Match the number with the amount Trees - Match the number with the amount Citrus fruit slices - Match the number with the amount Cherries -
 Numbers to stickers
Happy apple -
 Numbers to stickers
Lemons maze with numbers as leading signs Pears maze with numbers
 as leading signs
Drae lines according to the numeric order    
Cherries to the basket Bananas to the cart Blueberries to the faucet Maze to the guava Maze to the passion fruit
Groovy worksheets on Vegetables

Groovy worksheets on Kitchen Accessories
Maze to the strawberries Maze to baskets with fruit as leading signs      
Fine Motor Skills
Kiwi to the grapes strawberries to the cherries Orange to the juicer Path to the peach Leaves with fruit - coloring and sticking
Grapes - Stick purple and green circle stickers and cut the grapes        
Match the colors to the fruit Match the fruit to the shades      

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