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Worksheets on Vegetables, Ages 3-4
Write the Numbers
Number 1 - Garlic Number 2 - Tomato Number 3 - Radish Number 4 - eggplant Number 5 - Potato
Number 6 - Corn Number 7 - Carrot Number 8 - Pepper Number 9 - Wheat  
Groovy worksheets on Fruits

Groovy worksheets on Kitchen Accessories
Garlic - Letters bulk Wheat - Letters bulk Artichoke - Letters maze    
Carrot -
connect the dots 1-12
Numbers and amount Numbers and amount Tomato -
Number to sticker
Pumpkins maze with numbers as leading signs Potatoes maze with numbers
 as leading signs
Peppers maze with numbers
 as leading signs
Garlic maze with numbers
 as leading signs
Onion to the basket Radish to the cart carrot to the sandwitch Potato to the fire vagetables maze
Groovy worksheets on farm animals
Maze with vegetables as leading signs Maze in the wheat basket    
Fine motor skills
Potato to the pan peppers, garlic, tomatoes and lettuce Cucumber and sweet potatoto the scales Vegetables to the soup  
Visual perception 
Vegetables stand - assemble the parts what part is missing
 in each vegetable
what part is missing
 in each vegetable
Find 3 differences  

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