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Worksheets on Sports and Games, Ages 3-4
Volleyball - Color by Letter Snorkel –
Uppercase Letters Bulk
Kite – Uppercase Letters
and Stickers
Theme Park - Cutout and Arrange the Pieces
According to the Alphabet Order
Swinging –
Connect the Dots, 1-13
Gymnastics –
Connect the Dots, 1-20
The Way to the Circus – Counting to 10 Count the Marbles Count the Dots
Groovy worksheets on Music

Groovy worksheets on Education
Dice -
Count the Dots from 0 to 6
Olympics –
Count the Rings
Ping Pong -
Numbers Maze
Visual Perception
Volleyball Maze Soccer Maze Create an Alien –
Practice Creativity
Color and Cutout a Camera – Visual Perception Playing Tennis –
Practice Visual Perception

Balls – Identify Sizes        
Fine Motor Skills
Soccer - Follow the Path
and Color
Chess - Follow the Path
and Color
Marathon –
Trace the Lines
Path to the Die  

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