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Worksheets on Winter, Ages 3-4
Snow – Count the Letters and Snowflake Maze Snowflake – Letters Bulk
and Igloo Maze
Winter –
Uppercase Letters Bulk
Scarf -
Letters and Stickers
Winter -
Letters and Stickers
Winter Puzzle –
Practice Alphabet Order
Boot –
Numbers and Stickers
Umbrella –
Numbers and Stickers
Count from 1 to 5 Count from 5 to 9 How many of each snowflake can be found in the bulk
Groovy Worksheets on Spring

Groovy Worksheets on Autumn
Numbers Maze
with Leading Signs
Numbers Maze
with Leading Signs
Umbrella –
Connect the Dots, 1-9
Trace the Numbers
Number 1 - Sweater Number 2 - Snowman Number 3 - Snow Sled Number 4 - Umbrella Number 5 - Glove
Number 6 - Cloud Number 7 - Snowflake Number 8 - Lightning Number 9 - Drop  
Fine Motor Skills
WWool Ball and Umbrellas – Coloring Page Lightning - Follow the Path and Trace Ellipsis Lines Follow the Path
to the Umbrella
Snowman - Follow the Path and Trace the Lines Clouds Maze and
Ice Ski Coloring
Clothing - Identify the between Winter and Summer        

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