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Worksheets on farm animals, Ages 5-6
ESL - Words, Letters & Vocabulary
Bird -
Uppercase letters maze
Water birds in the river – Uppercase Alphabet order Flamingo in the stream – Lowercase Alphabet order Crow, Lark –
4 uppercase letters suduku
Hawk, Swan –
4 lowercase letters suduku
Groovy worksheets on Insects

Groovy worksheets on Land Animals

Groovy worksheets on Farm Animals

Groovy worksheets on Sea Creatures and Fish
Eagle - Word finder - Lowercase letters        
Math and Geometry
Duck – connect the dots 1-30 Hummingbird and flower – Addition exercises Ducks and ducklings – Addition exercises Duck puzzle - Subtraction Exercises Flying geese – Subtraction exercises
Comparing Birds: Less than, Greater than, and equal Comparing Birds: Less than, Greater than, and equal Tangram of a crow -
Color, cut and paste
Tangram of a bird -
Color, cut and paste
Seagull to the fish Pelican to the water Eagle to the cliff Flamingo to the swamp Parrot to the branch
Owls – Find 3 differences between the pictures Hummingbird –
Find 4 differences
between the pictures
Find the hidden birds Birds and trees –
Visual perception Spagetti
Birds and branches –
Visual perception Spagetti
Owl and book -
Fine motor skills
Woodpecker and tree -
Fine motor skills
Ostrich and farm -
Fine motor skills
Birds and shades –
 Visual perception

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