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Worksheets on farm animals, Ages 5-6
ESL - Words, Letters & Vocabulary
Vegerarian animals - Initial letters and other tasks Non-amphibian animals - Last letters and other tasks Reindeer -
Lowercase letters maze
Frog, Toad –
4 Uppercase letters Suduku
Predators –
4 Uppercase letters Suduku
Word finder in a bulk - Upper case letters
Kangaroo Bear Rhinoceros Hippo Elephant
Elephants and trees – Addition exercises Rabbits and lettuce – Subtraction exercises Subtraction exercises –
Easy puzzle
Subtraction exercises – Medium puzzle Panda route -
Counting the eggs
Squirrel and acorns - Addends Addition Dinosaurs Addition –
Find the Missing Addends
Turtle –
Numbers maze 1 - 50
Tangram of a rabbit -
Color, cutout and paste
Tangram of a cat -
Color, cutout and paste
Groovy worksheets on Insects

Groovy worksheets on Farm Animals

Groovy worksheets on Sea Creatures

Groovy worksheets on Birds
Bear –
Connect the dots 1-38
Hippo –
Connect the dots 1-48
Reindeer –
Connect the dots 1-36
Monkey and bananas Mouse and cheese Rabbit and carrot Dog to the bone Giraffe to the branch
Visual Perception
Animals resting -
Find the difference
Find the hidden animals Animals spouses Bats and caves  

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