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Worksheets on clothing, Ages 5-6
ESL - Words, Letters & Vocabulary
Initial uppercase letters and other tasks Dress -
Uppercase letters maze
Dress - Uppercase and lowercase letters Shirt - Word finder - Uppercase letters Skirt - Word finder - Uppercase letters
Ring, Belt -
4 uppercase letters suduku
Shoe, Sock -
4 uppercase letters suduku
Coat, Suit -
4 uppercase letters suduku
Math and Geometry
Shirts –
Identify shapes and colors
Sweater –
 Numbers maze 1 - 20
Missing numbers from 1 to 50              Missing numbers from 51 to 100
Pants to the sewing machine Shirt to the ironing board Hat to the head Pair of shoes Maze in a pendant
Sandals and Hats -
Fine motor skills
Hangers and shirts –
Visual perception Spagetti
Hats and girls –
Visual perception Spagetti
Brimmed hats and boys – Visual perception Spagetti  

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