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Worksheets on Fruits, Ages 5-6
ESL - Words, Letters & Vocabulary
Begining Sound
and other tasks
Begining Sound
and other tasks
Alphabet Order Lowercase Letters Maze Alphabet Order Uppercase Letters Maze Citron –
Lowercase letters Maze
Pear, lime -
4 letters suduku
Date, plum -
4 letters suduku
Uppercase and
 lowercase letters
Single Word Search
Blueberry Nectarine Rambutan Lemon  
Orange -
connect the dots 1 - 30
Apple tree – Addition exercises Fruit – Addition exercises Addition –
Find the Missing Addends
Tangram of a strawberry -
Color, cut and paste
  Groovy Worksheets on Vegetables
Quince –
Numbers maze 1 - 30
Pears -
Numeric Order Maze
lemon to the lemonade Raspberry abd strawberry Apple maze Maze to the pomegranate Pear maze
Mobile creation
Apple watermelon Lemon Strawberry  
Visual perception and fine motor skills Fruit patterns Visual perception Picture suduku Picture suduku
Orange and juicer -
Fine motor skills
Plums and faucet -
Fine motor skills
Grapes and plate -
Fine motor skills
Fruits on the table - Distinguishing details

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