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Worksheets on Kitchen Accessories, Ages 5-6
ESL - Words, Letters & Vocabulary
Kitchen Tools –
Beginning Sound Matching
Kitchen Tools – Beginning and Ending Sounds Pitcher -
Single Word Search
Blender -
Single Word Search
Teapot -
Single Word Search
Kitchen Accessories and Food – Spelling Activity Fork, Oven, Bowl -
4 Letters Suduku
Chef -
Connect the Dots 1 - 51
Connect the Dots 1 - 25
Mugs –
Count and Compare
Cutlery – Count and Solve Addition Exercises Cutlery –
Subtraction Exercises
Pots – Complete the
Missing Numbers, 1-25
Horizontal and Vertical Addition Exercises Horizontal and Vertical Subtraction Exercises Kitchen Tools –
Measure Height
Kitchen Accessories -
Create a Graph
    Groovy Worksheets on Vegetables

Groovy Worksheets on Fruits
Mortar and Pestle –
Numeric Order Maze, 1-30
Visual Perception
Tea Cup - Visual Perception Find Matching Twin Cups Pictures Suduku    

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