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Worksheets on sports and games, Ages 5-6
ESL - Words, Letters & Vocabulary
Playing tennis - connect the dots - uppercase letters Jogging - connect the dots - lowercase letters 4 Uppercase letters maze
in a Jigsaw
Ants playing chess -
Lower  case letters maze
4 letters suduku - dice, golf
Word finder in a bulk
Basketball Bingo Bowling Baseball Bullseye
Playing cards –
Addition exercises
Dice –
Addition exercises
Domino – Addition exercises Level 1 Domino – Addition exercises Level 2 Domino – Addition exercises Level 3
Dice – Three Addends Addition exercises Game soldiers - Numbers and Amount by a Diagram      
Visual Perception
Jigsaw parts -
Identifying shapes
Sports –
Identification skills
Soccer balls –
Winding trails
Medals –
Winding trails
Fine motor skills
and visual perception
Theme park –
Flipping skills
Sports -
IdIdentifying patterns
Climbing a mountain –
Color, cutout and paste
Diving –
Color, cutout and paste
Riding a bicycle –
Color, cutout and paste
Find the difference
Jumping a rope -
Find 3 differences
Karate -
Find 3 differences
Playing soccer -
Find 4 differences
In the circus -
Find 5 differences
Mario to the tennis bat Jigsaw Maze
to the soccer ball
Maze in a Rubik's Cube Skating to the flag Lego maze

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