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Worksheets on Birds, Ages 7-8
Crossword on birds Crossword on water birds Birds vocabulary Adjectives -
Birds literary traits
Crow and dove -
Letters suduku
Wild birds -
Word finder
Water birds -
Word finder
Birds that can't fly -
Word shapes
Birds from the bible -
Word shapes
Birds of prey -
Word shapes
Creative writing
Two cardinals are talking A man, a bird and a dog Birds chase Two Birds and a snake  
Birds on the electricity wires - Single digit vertical addition Flock of birds –
Multiply and divide
Flock of birds –
Multiply and divide
Birds on the tree - Three addends vertical addition Peacock – Color by number name – 2 digits numbers
Water birds – Count to 30 Water birds – Count to 40 Ducklings – Multiplication exercises for beginners, up to 25  
Numbers Mazes
Owl –
Even numbers 2 - 100
Duck –
Odd numbers 1 - 99
Parrot –
Odd numbers 1 - 59
Seagulls –
Numbers 1 - 100
Groovy Worksheets on Land Animals

Groovy Worksheets on Sea Creatures

Groovy Worksheets on Farm Animals

Groovy Worksheets on Insects
Duck – Identify and color geometric shapes Bird – Identify and color geometric shapes Raven – Identify and color geometric shapes    
Penguin to the wave Bird to the tree Crow to the diamond Flamingo to the crab Bird to the worm
Parrot -
Color by ABC coordinates
Owl - Match the shade
to the picture
Feathers colors Flying geese – Visual perception and coordinates Learn the mixture of colors

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