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Worksheets on Insects, Ages 7-8
Arroword of Insects Ants - Present Progressive Practice Descriptive Text The Busy Honey Bee - Letters Maze Spelling - Complete the missing letters
Word Shapes
and Letters Salad
Word Search Creative Writing Creative Writing  
Ladybugs in the Field – Division and Multiplication Dragonflies in the Swamp – Division and Multiplication Insects – Vertical Multiplication Exercises Honeycomb -
Learn Fractions
Insects – Multiplication
Word Questions
Beetle –
Numbers Maze 70 - 120
Spider –
Numbers Maze 3 - 300
Match Numbers and Words - Thousands Write the Time –
10 Minutes Interval
Write the Time –
5 Minutes Interval
Groovy Worksheets on Land Animals

Groovy Worksheets on Sea Creatures

Groovy Worksheets on Farm Animals

Groovy Worksheets on Birds
Cicada Route – Clockwise and Counterclockwise Caterpillar –
Connect the Dots, 1-60
Butterfly –
Color by Division
Draw a Butterfly Draw a Butterfly Draw a Butterfly Draw a Dragonfly  
Cricket Route –
Isometric Shifting
Butterfly –
Isometric Copy
Butterfly –
Color Geometric Shapes
Dragonfly – Reflection Symmetry Coloring Page Tangram of a Butterfly
Color, Cutout and Paste
Beetle to the Leaf Mosquito to the Swamp Mantis to the Stone Swatter to the Fly Up and Down Maze
Beetle outside the Maze Butterfly Maze      
Visual Perception
Spider's Net –
Visual Perception

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